Bligh Park FC

Bligh Park Football Club provides opportunities for Boys, Girls Men and Women of all ability levels to play soccer in the Hawkesbury. We were built by the community for the community

Announcement: Season 2024 registrations opens January

Our Mission

Bligh Park FC serves the community through the provision of healthy and competitive sporting activities and provides, for its members, excellent sporting facilities within a warm and friendly atmosphere. We adhere to a fundamental belief that a healthy lifestyle and positive community spirit is enhanced by the provision of social and competitive sport for people of all ages and abilities at an affordable price.

Our Values

Our core values underpin the way we operate as a Club.

These are:

Respect – We will treat everyone with fairness and respect.

Honesty – We value open and honest communications within our club.

Reliable – We will say what we mean and mean what we say.

Innovation – We welcome and encourage new ideas and innovation.

Team Work – We encourage team work and collaborative effort on and off the field.

Nurturing– We have a commitment to developing our members and our community at both a sporting and personal level. We encourage a culture of understanding and tolerance within the Club.


Bligh Park Football Club adheres to Nepean Football Association regulations in that all our club coaches attend and receive their Football Federation Australia age relevant coaching qualifications we have also run the only Football Federation Australia accredited under 5 year olds training program “miniroos kickoff”.

Bligh Park Football Club provides an in-house skills sessions run voluntary by our experienced club coaches with no extra fees to our members. We also take advantage of specialist coaching resources for goalkeeping to provide in-depth skills and advice without charge to our members.

When available Bligh Park Football Club also uses the resources of our associations and other organisations with higher levels of football coaching experience. We have a range of coaching aids that are also available to all our coaches on request.

Club History

The Idea of Bligh Park Soccer Club was formed, as most clubs are, by a group of Football (Soccer) buffs at a Backyard BBQ in 1990.
Bligh Park being a newly established suburb of Windsor and having no local soccer club, this bunch of new residents set about finding out how to form a club.
Later that year they took out an application to Nepean District Soccer Football Association to affiliate and with the club receiving sponsorship from Windsor Leagues Club to start the ball rolling were known as “Windsor Leagues Social Soccer Club” (this explains the name wolves as well) playing their first year of competition in 1991 with 2 under 6 teams, 1 under 7 team and 1 All Age Mens’ team.
Our home ground in the beginning was Bounty Reserve, Bligh Park, which is still retained as training fields.
By the end of 1991 the club had become incorporated, and altered the name to Bligh Park Soccer Club.

In 1992 the club increased in size to 10 teams and continued to grow in leaps and bounds until the housing development in Bligh Park and nearby Windsor Downs reached its completion. With the club fielding as many as 40 teams at its peak.

In the late 1990’s the club had outgrown Bounty Reserve and was allocated Berger Road Reserve in South Windsor. The move to Berger Road was not the happiest of times as in the first three years of residence, there were three break-ins and an arson attack that saw the amenities block completely destroyed along with $30,000 in stock and equipment. With the amenities block requiring a complete rebuild, the club started the 1998 season with a tent for a Canteen.


In the late to mid 2000s with the help of our association along with Hawkesbury sports council a watering system, lighting and draining had been installed at Berger Road Reserve enabling the club to provide regular weekend and night games for the association and our Hawkesbury neighbouring clubs.

Bligh Park Soccer Club has been a vehicle for community involvement and social interaction for many families over the years, and while it provides many levels of competitiveness for teams, the focus has never been on winning at all costs. It is often the first place that new residents to the community come to and more often than not where they form long lasting, firm friendships.
We are a club where everyone, regardless of skill level, or football knowledge, are made to feel welcome.

Over the years it has hosted coaching clinics & holiday camps and well has having had some great social activities in its early years when it was small and manageable. These included a car rally, a fancy dress ball (for the whole family), family picnics and countless trivia nights.Bligh Park Soccer Club has been a strong supporter of female football in the district since its introduction and has enjoyed a very high female participation rate although not always with enough numbers to field teams in older age groups and adults. In 2021 the club was represented by two All Age Women’s sides and a junior non-competition team almost exclusively female.
Many of its past committee members have proceeded to the next level of administration of the game by progressing to district level management. These include past presidents, Ross Snashall, Rob Nolan, Peter Budd, past secretary and treasurer Linda Cerone, who is now the CEO of Nepean Football Association.

The club is now over 30 years old and is well established although it has had its rocky moments down the years. Bligh Park Soccer Club is working to re-establish itself as the premier club of the Windsor area, over the past few years for their own reasons many residents have chosen to play for other local clubs. We want to be seen as the club that is in Windsor for Windsor. We try to keep things simple but efficient and encourage community participation. We are passionate about developing our members football skills and knowledge while also providing an inclusive environment for all that wish to play the game of football. We are connected to the local business community for financial and social partnerships. We work with Nepean Football Association and the other Hawkesbury clubs to achieve our combined interests in facilities and football development.


Become a Player

All registrations go through the Dribl Registration Platform and are open from Jan through to May 31st.

Before you register be sure to have your Active Kids voucher number ready (if applicable) as well as a passport style photo to upload during the registration process.

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Become a Coach

Nepean Football Association conduct all the FFA Community Coach Education Courses within the Association area and generally conduct 2 of each of the Skill Training, Game Training and Senior Coaching Certificates each year. One at the beginning of the season and one at the end. Community Goalkeeping courses are also conducted as required, depending on demand.

The Miniroo’s Coaching Certificates are conducted in regions and there are multiple courses each year. These courses are predominantly held just before the season, so anytime between February and March and are FREE and open to all interested people, not just coaches.

Questions or enquiries can be directed to

Become a Referee

Bligh Park FC is part of the Nepean Football Association which means you can utilies The Nepean Referees Group. The group has been set up to support the Nepean District in their endeavours to develop our game.

The aim of the Nepean Referees Group is to recruit, retain and continuously develop qualified referees to service the needs of the Nepean Football Association.

Nepean Football Association are proud to support our current referees with continuous skill development and to train new recruits in the skills required to become a great referee!


Become a Sponsor

Bligh Park Soccer Club is always looking for the support and help of local businesses.

Sponsorship not only benefits you through the advertisement of your brand, but also for the benefit of our members through the purchasing of new equipment, training gear and playing jerseys.

Various sponsorship packages are available to suit all types of businesses from major club sponsors to individual team sponsorship.

Speak to one of our committee members or send us an email and someone will be in touch.

Donate to BPFC

The Bligh Park Football Club welcomes all donations, no matter how small, to help support our club grow.

If you wish to make a donation, you can do so by cheque made out to Bligh Park Football Club and post to PO BOX 828
Windsor NSW 2756 or via our online store. Donate

Become a Volunteer

Volunteers make an extraordinary contribution to our local community. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our Bligh Park FC and come from all walks of life: working people, students and professionals, mums, dads, grandparents, friends, from every team and age group.

Our club runs on the kindness of others, our volunteers. It takes an estimated 15,600 hours per year to run our club, that is not including the time given by coaches and managers. If you have only an hour a week to spare and you wish to help, there is always plenty to do

Late Registration

Please contact BPFC to discuss any options for late registration

Registration Prices

U5/U6/U7 – $140

U8/U9 – $160

U10/U11/U12 – $175

U13 – U18 -$235

OVER 18 – $350

BPFC accepts the $100 Active Kids Voucher

Fund Raising

Fundraising is a marathon. It requires endurance, commitment, discipline, and moving through tough times. Fundraisers produce the additional income for clubs and organizations (and even make up the bulk of an organization’s income).

Therefore, fundraising has become essential. In addition to ensuring financial stability, it also brings a sense of cooperation by bringing students, staff, parents, and the community together.

Upcoming Events

2023 Registration- Registration opens in January and will be held at Windsor RSL


Here at Bligh Park FC we are lucky enough to have 5 soccer fields a clubhouse and plenty of parking at our home ground Berger Reserve plus the added bonus of having access to Bountry Reserve for training purposes.

Club Uniforms & Equipment

Our club uniforms and merchandise can be found here online. Below is some of our merchandise, all purchases can be picked up on Saturdays and Sundays from the Canteen when its open.


The 2024 Commitee





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General Committee


Commitee Positions

If you are interested in supporting the club and ensuring its continued success, we kindly request you check out the committee positions listed below (click each position to open). Your valuable contribution in filling one of these roles would greatly help in keeping the club running smoothly in the future. We appreciate your willingness to be a part of our team and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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